LGBTQI Muslim Group Imaan Will Commemorate The First Ever LGBTQI Muslim Group at London Pride This Year

Imaan, a charity supporting LGBTQI Muslims in the UK, takes part in the Pride parade in London every year. They have often turned heads with slogans like “We are gay and Muslim. Get over it”.

The theme for this year’s Pride is “Pride Heroes”. This theme provides Imaan with a wonderful chance to celebrate the bravery and diversity embedded in the history of the British and global, LGBTQI Muslim communities.

Our ‘Pride Heroes’ are the Lavender Crescent Society. The Lavender Crescent Society was set up in San Francisco in the 1970’s to support LGBTQI Muslims. But their activism was not restricted to San Francisco alone. Shortly after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the Lavender Crescent Society sent out five of its members to the country to show solidarity with LGBTQI Iranians. Sadly it ended in tragedy, as they were killed as soon as they set foot in Iran.

Members of Imaan will wear the colour of lavender, or purple, at Pride to acknowledge the history and bravery of the Lavender Crescent Society. ‘Tis the season for it too as the popular lavender is known to flower in the Summer.

The Pride London parade takes place on Saturday 27th of June. Members will meet at 11:30am at Great Portland Street Station in London before joining in with the Pride festivities. All LGBTQI Muslims and allies are welcome to join us.