3 September EDL March and counter-demonstration likely to be banned.

As many of you will have heard, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner made a formal application today to the Home Secretary, for the EDL March in Tower Hamlets to be banned.

Imaan considers it very likely that the application will be granted.

This will prohibit the march – and any marches whatever – on the 3rd and for a period of 30 days from the 3rd. It will probably apply to Tower Hamlets and the surrounding boroughs.

If the application is granted, there will be no EDL and no counter-march on 3 September.  We will confirm the position as soon we know it, but we advise members to plan on an assumption that nothing will be happening.

If granted, the application will also affect the planned East London Pride march on 24 September.  The event will have to be changed to a Pride Festival without a March (likely venue: Oxford House / Weaver’s Fields) or delayed to a date outside of any ban-period.

Again, we will keep everyone advised about both events.

Join Imaan and others in calling for a ban of the EDL March – Tower Hamlets – 3 September 2011

One Community: No Place for Hate

Join Tower Hamlets Council’s campaign to ban the English Defence League’s proposed march in the borough on Saturday, September 3. By sending in this online petition you are supporting this campaign calling for a ban of the EDL march in September.

Letter: Call on Home Secretary to ban EDL march

We the undersigned call on Theresa May, Home Secretary to ban the English Defence League’s proposed march in Tower Hamlets on September 3. The EDL has demonstrated – or threatens to do so – in our cities. As council, business, trade union and community leaders we know only too well how destructive these demonstrations can be.

They aim to bring a message of hatred to our communities, and on September 3 the EDL plan to target one of the largest mosques in the country. The recent disturbances have shown the need for communities to work together, not against each other. Last month’s tragedy in Norway illustrated the devastating effect this kind of hatred can have on communities if left unchecked.

The EDL must not be able to bring their messages of hate and division to places where diversity is a strength not a weakness. There must be no place for hatred in our communities. Now that the EDL’s march in Telford has been banned the Home Secretary must ban the march in Tower Hamlets.

We oppose anyone who would wish to incite hatred against others because of their religious belief, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. The Home Secretary must act, and act now, to ensure that the EDL is not able to bring its tour of hate to the streets of East London on September 3.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets Council

The letter to the Home Secretary is supported by:

  • Charlie Briggs, Leader, Burnley Council
  • Peter John, Leader, Southwark Council
  • Mehboob Khan, Leader, Kirklees Council
  • Sir Richard Leese, Leader, Manchester Council
  • Gordon Matheson, Leader, Glasgow Council
  • Mohammed Pervez, Leader, Stoke-on-Trent Council
  • Peter Rankin, Labour, Preston Council
  • Chris Roberts, Leader, Greenwich Council
  • Hazel Simmons, Leader, Luton Council
  • Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary
  • Billy Hay es, General Secretary
  • Christine Blower, General Secretary, NUT
  • Kamaljeet Jandu, National Equalities Officer, GMB
  • Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Chair of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK
  • Ben Rich, CEO of Reform Judaism
  • Rabbi Danny Rich, CEO of Liberal Judaism
  • Senior Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg,
  • The Assembly of Masorti Synagogues and New North London Synagogue
  • Right Reverend Adrian Newman, Anglican Bishop of Stepney
  • Father Pascal Ryan, Episcopal Vicar, East and Central Areas of the Roman
  • Catholic Diocese of Westminster
  • Muhammad Abdul Bari, Chair of the London Muslim Centre
  • Dr Faisal Hanjra, Assistant Secretary General, Muslim Council Britain
  • Maulana Shamsul Hoque, Chair, Council of Mosque
  • Neil Jameson, Lead Organiser, London Citizens
  • Rev Paul Regan, Trustee, CITIZENS UK
  • The Trustees of Imaan: LGBT Muslim Support Group
  • Jack Gilbert and Rebecca Shaw, co-chairs of Rainbow Hamlets
  • Thierry Schaffauser, Secretary, SERTUC LGBT Committee

Imaan Ramadan Iftaris – More Details

The first Imaan iftari was held on Friday 5th August in London and was extremely successful, so thank you to those who attended and brought food to be shared with the rest of the Imaam community and membership.

– The next two London Iftaris will take place on Saturday 13th and 20th August.   As with the last one, we will be meeting at 8pm promptly, outside the First Out cafe, at Centre Point – the nearest station being Tottenham Court Road.  As the Iftari time edges earlier and earlier in the evening, time will be of the essence, as will your timely arrival, to ensure we can all eat on time.  As usual, please bring some food to share.  🙂

– The first Manchester Iftar is taking place THIS Friday 12th August.  We will be meeting inside the LGF Buildings, which are located at 5 Richmond St, Manchester, M1 3HF, at 8pm.  We will have a short talk on the month of Ramadan and a space will be provided for those who wish to pray.  Once again, please arrive on time and please bring some food to be shared.

– Finally, the first Birmingham iftar has been also been scheduled for Saturday 20th August, with a space kindly donated by a member.  For more information, please check the Imaan Forum or email the usual suspects (the Trustees).  The emails are available in a post below.

We hope to see you at one of the Iftaris, which are an extremely spiritual and joyous series of events!

Your Ramadan gift can help change and even save lives

During the month of Ramadan while we will insha’Allah be enjoying the barakah and blessings of this holy month, nearly 50 LGBT Muslim asylum seekers, whom Imaan are working with, are living  in on the streets or sofa-surfing , will go hungry and live in true poverty in this, our country.

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslims fulfil the important religious duty of fasting for the sake of Allah. It is a time to seek the forgiveness and mercy of Allah, an opportunity to reap great spiritual rewards for acts of devotion and a reminder to empathise with those less fortunate than ourselves.

“I came to the UK in 2010 from Pakistan because I was forced into a marriage. I was beaten, physically abuse and raped. I approached Imaan in 2011 when I fled my relative’s home and was leaving on the streets.  Imaan supported me in accessing housing, food and finally supported me through my asylum claim until I was granted refugee status.” Jamal  Aged 25  

Giving Zakah represents the unbreakable bond between members of the community, whom Prophet Mohammad (saws) described to be “like the organs of the body, if one suffers then all others rally in response.”

The issues of poverty, rape, force marriage and torture can seem vast and yet progress is being made. More people escape these situations every day. Alhamdullilah, Imaan, our supporters and volunteers are part of the great effort to help LGBT Muslims to safety.

We need your help now to change the lives of these vulnerable sisters and brothers.

Please mark this Ramadan by giving as generously as you can, by sending your Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah, Zakatual Fitr (Fitrana), Fidya ( for missed fasts)

By donating just £30.00 you could pay for a refuge space for someone fleeing threats of violence in the context of a forced-marriage.

Iftar Party

An alternative, fun way of raising money for Ramadan is by holding an Iftar Party. Invite family and friends to join you in breaking your fast, and ask for a donation of  at least £2.00. Not only is this a great opportunity to raise money for LGBT Muslims, but it also allows you to spend time with those closest to you during this precious month.


Imaan Welfare Team

Yes, I want to help those in Need


  Donate By Bank Transfer directly to Imaan’s bank account   Account Number: 60534196
Sort Code: 20-71-74
Barclays Bank plc

Account Name: Imaan

Ramadan Mubarak – Join us for Iftari

Salaams brothers and sisters

Our favourite month is upon us once again! Ramadan Mubarak to us all. 😀

Just to let everybody know that there are Iftaris planned throughout Ramadan in a few different cities.  The format of the iftaris will be slightly different this year.  In an effort to bring our community closer together in this special month, we’re asking each attendee to bring one dish/some food that they can share with the rest of the attendees at the iftari.

The LONDON iftari will be held on:

– Friday August 5th, Saturday 13th and Saturday 20th.  The meeting point will be outside First Out Cafe near Tottenham Court Road, at 8pm.  From there, we will lead members to the space where we will be holding the iftaris – a space which has been kindly donated by an Imaan Trustee.

The MANCHESTER iftar will be held on:

– Friday 12th August at the LGF Building.  More details on this, alongside another iftari which has been earmarked for the 26/27th August will be revealed soon.


– A date and venue is currently being finalised and all will be informed ASAP.

Should anybody wish to organise an iftar in their town or city, please get in touch with an Imaan Trustee, such as tawseef@imaan.org.uk or mohammad@imaan.org.uk

For more information on the Imaan iftaris, please contact info@imaan.org.uk, tawseef@imaan.org.uk, qurra@imaan.org.uk or mohammad@imaan.org.uk.

We look forward to sharing time, food and experiences with you all. Ramadan Kareem, once again.

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive Ramadan.