Imaan 5th International LGBTQI Muslim Conference

2012 is the year we celebrate our nation’s great history and modern, vibrant and multicultural society through the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics & Paralympics.

Imaan, Europe’s largest support group for LGBT Muslims announces its 5th International conference in London, at which Gay Muslims and Islamic Scholars from around the world explore the diversity and inclusivity found within contemporary Islamic culture.

Entitled‘Diversity: the gift of Islam’(Al-Ikhtilaf, athaa min Allah) the conference brings together eminent scholars, community-leaders and individual LGBT Muslim delegates from across the globe and within our British communities to and celebrate and explore our understanding of an inclusive Islam, embracing the diversity of all Muslims, including those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered or Intersexed.

The conference will also address the unique issues facing the international queer ummah (community), by creating an interactive forum for debates, workshops, activities and artistic performances.  We seek to empower and engage our delegates by reviewing historical and contemporary scholarship and Islamic interpretation around issues of gender and sexuality, while facilitating networking and community-building and an open exchange of personal experiences and testimony.  This will be a truly international conference, led and attended by delegates and speakers from three continents.

Announcing the conference, Imaan’s chairperson, Tawseef Khan, stated “the title of this, our fifth international conference is entirely appropriate as we ask questions of how modern Muslims honour the promise of Islam: that it is a gift to all peoples; and whether its LGBTQI community has, or is being allowed, its rightful place within the global Ummah.”


The conference runs from Friday 24 to Monday 27 August in Central London.

Speakers and workshop facilitators include:

–        Scott Siraj al – Haqq Kugle (US)

–        Association of British Muslims

–        Islamic Society of Britain

–        And many more prominent figures within our community, both from the UK and abroad!

Some delegate places remain, booking and program documents are available on the Imaan website: and by emailing the organisers:

Delegate passes for the weekend (including meals on Saturday and Sunday) start at only £95


Imaan Conference Program Absolute Final