Appeal for Support

You can change  lives.  When you give to Imaan, your voice unites with many others to say: “I believe in equality for every person, and every family!” You will know that you are supporting the organizations and leaders that are defending the rights and equality of LGBT Muslims in the UK.

Every gift makes a huge difference to the work of Imaan, to the welfare service and other programs. Ninety percent of Imaan’s funding comes from people like you: who care about our community and who want to make it a better, safer place to live now and in the future.

When you choose to give monthly you are choosing to make a regular commitment to Muslim LGBTQ equality in the UK.

“I came to the UK in 2010 from Pakistan because I was forced into a marriage. I was beaten, physically abuse and raped. I approached Imaan in 2011 when I fled my relative’s home and was leaving on the streets. Imaan supported me in accessing housing, food and finally supported me through my asylum claim until I was granted refugee status.” Jamal Aged 25

What can your monthly gift do?
• £3 a month would pay the bus fare for a Imaan member to attend a welfare or immigration appointment
• £20 a month ensures that a support meeting can take place for vulnerable Imaan members.
• £30 a month provides food and a night in a refuge or hostel in an emergency for an Imaan member fleeing violence.

Funds raised by Imaan will be used to continue promoting and providing a safe space for all Imaan members and for fighting discrimination. This includes supporting asylum seekers, victims of forced marriage, and homelessness. we are striving to expand our services further outside London. Contributions are also used to cover the daily operations and maintenance necessary to run this rapidly growing service. Imaan is run and staffed by unpaid volunteers – every penny you donate goes directly to the services we deliver to people in urgent need

Yes, I want to help those in Need

Donate via paypal.  Our paypal account email is

JazakAllah khairan!,