London Events – October 2011 to February 2012

This provides a comprehensive list of the events that will be taking place in London between October 2011 and February 2012, giving you plenty of notice to put the dates in your diaries and little excuse for missing out!

Sun 16th – Coffee/Bowling
11am [£]

Thur 27th – All Connected: Immigration, Politics and Eugenics
6pm [Free]
(Euston Square)

—Headlines about immigration are nothing new. Gavin Schaffer (University of Birmingham) considers the relationship between anxieties around immigration and racial science in Britain, considering the legacy of eugenics and thinking about race beyond the early 20th Century up to 1948.
Dr Gavin Schaffer is author of ‘Racial Science and British Society, 1930-62’.—-

Fri 11th – Club Night
10pm [£]
Venue TBA

Sun 20th – Sermon by Karen Armstrong On Compassion + coffee afterward
11.30am [£]

—-From Confucius to Oprah, people have preached compassion for centuries. But how often is it actually put into practice? We may know that we should “treat others the way we wish to be treated”, but the reality – particular in the face of a perceived injustice – just isn’t that easy. Compassion is hardwired into our brains, yet is constantly pushed back by our more primitive instincts for selfishness and survival. Provocative religious thinker, Karen Armstrong, knows this. Yet she will take to our pulpit to offer an impassioned call to cultivate and expand our capacity for compassion. Drawing on material ranging from the spiritual character of the world religions to the findings of contemporary neuroscience, she’ll outline concrete ways of enhancing our compassion and putting it into action in our everyday lives. —-

Thur 24th – Excavating Egypt in the African American Imagination
6pm [Free]
(Euston Square)

—-From the land of the Pharaohs to the contemporary bridge between African and Islamic worlds, the idea of ‘Egypt’ has played a crucial role in the African American imagination of freedom from the bondage of slavery and its legacy. This talk by Anna Hartnell explores the idea of ‘Egypt’ – in both ancient and contemporary narratives – as a key imaginative touchstone for the black liberation struggle in the United States, from the 19th century through to the ‘age of Obama’.—-

Sat 3rd – Art exhibition, The Street: Reclaiming the Mural followed by lunch/tea in Brick Lane
12pm [Free/£]

Fri 16th – DVD and pizza Night
7.30pm [Free]
Venue TBA

Fri 23rd – Coffee/drinks followed by Club Night
6pm/10pm [£]
Venue TBA

Fri 30th – Speed dating (Men)
6pm [Free]
Venue TBA

Wed 4th – Natural History Museum + informal lunch
11am [Free]
(South Kensington)

Sat 7th – Speed dating (Women)
6pm [Free]
Venue TBA

Sat 21st – Cinema (Matinee/Night)
Time&Venue TBA

Fri 3rd – Comedy Night
7pm [£]
(The Boat Show Comedy Club)

Sat 18th – British Museum + coffee/tea (at local tea room)
1pm [Free/£]

Events outside of London will continue to take place, as has been our focus for the majority of 2011. For more details, sign up to the mailing list by emailing or keep checking our forum and website!