Demystifying Shariah Law – Workshop – London – Saturday 19th April

Ever questioned, doubted or feared what Islam says about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or even just questioning? Come to Imaan’s London workshop on Saturday, 19 April 2014 for a full-day session on crucial aspects of Islamic interpretation for the lay (and gay!) Muslim. 

Please commit to attending the full day (10am – 5pm) because the discussions build systematically through each session. Venue details to be announced ASAP – we will keep all those who register informed! 

The workshop’s objectives are:
• To give an overview of how sharia laws are formulated, and how these laws vary between different Muslim societies.
• To critically examine the impact of certain interpretations of Islam on women and sexual minorities.
• To share thoughts on how Muslim sexual minorities can be protected from discrimination and harm.
• To share information on current issues in Islam throughout various Muslim societies.

To register, complete this reply form and return it to and by Friday, 4 April 2014. This information will also help us tailor the workshop to fit your needs and expectations.

1. Please tell us your age and gender (this information will help us create an environment that is as inclusive as possible). 
2. How would this workshop help you? (E.g. in your work, studies, close relationships, spiritual journey, etc. – please elaborate.)
3. Please tell us what areas of Islam and sexuality you have questions about. 
4. Are there any other specific areas you would like the workshop to focus on?

We hope you will come prepared to share in knowledge, faith and fun!