Imaan General Election 2013


Imaan is pleased to announce the commencement of its 2013 general board
of trustees’ election. For the next term, eligible members of Imaan will
elect the board of trustees to represent the respective positions
beginning in January 2014.

The election process will proceed as follows:

Nomination period
– At this stage all nominees must complete and return the nomination
forms to the independent returning officer. There are two forms
available for nomination.

– “Nomination form 2013.doc” is to be
completed by those candidates who wish to stand for the currently
existing positions on Imaan’s board of trustees.

– “New position
form 2013.doc” is to be completed by those who wish to propose a new
position/role that does not currently exist on Imaan’s board of
trustees. Please note that any new position that is proposed will need
to be approved at the following AGM after which another election process
will be undergone for it.

All completed forms must be given to the independent returning officer.

Voting period
– At this stage all eligible candidates that have applied to stand for a
position on the board of trustees will be announced. The membership
will then begin to put in their votes for their respective candidates.
All votes must be given to the independent returning officer only.
The voting period will be open for duration of four weeks from commencing.

– At this stage, once the independent returning officer has tallied all
votes, the successful candidates for the respective positions will be
announced. At the next Annual General Meeting, the newly elected board
members will be declared in.

Independent Returning Officer
All forms, votes, and queries regarding elections must be directed to the independent returning officer. Imaan takes no responsibility for lost or mislaid nomination forms and the deadline will be strictly enforced.

Details of the independent returning officer:
Name: Michelle Defontaine
Affiliated to: Positive East
Email address:

Current positions on the Board of Trustees:
– Chairperson
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Women’s Officer
– Welfare Officer
– Two positions for Member’s Representative

Key Dates:
Nomination period starts – 9th of October 2013
Nomination period ends – 30th of October 2013
Voting period starts – 8th of November 2013
Voting period ends – 7th of December 2013
Results Announced – 19th of December 2013
New board declared in at AGM – 18th of January 2014

find details for the election and the roles and responsibilities for
the current positions in “Election Procedure.doc” and the constitution
“Constitution 2013.pdf”.

For any further information regarding
the elections, please only contact the independent returning officer:

If you would like to make a difference, then InshaAllah we would love to see you get involved!

Please be advised to read Imaan’s constitution before nominating or voting!!

Constitution 2013

Election procedure

Nomination form 2013

New position form 2013