Ramadan Mubarak – Join us for Iftari

Salaams brothers and sisters

Our favourite month is upon us once again! Ramadan Mubarak to us all. 😀

Just to let everybody know that there are Iftaris planned throughout Ramadan in a few different cities.  The format of the iftaris will be slightly different this year.  In an effort to bring our community closer together in this special month, we’re asking each attendee to bring one dish/some food that they can share with the rest of the attendees at the iftari.

The LONDON iftari will be held on:

– Friday August 5th, Saturday 13th and Saturday 20th.  The meeting point will be outside First Out Cafe near Tottenham Court Road, at 8pm.  From there, we will lead members to the space where we will be holding the iftaris – a space which has been kindly donated by an Imaan Trustee.

The MANCHESTER iftar will be held on:

– Friday 12th August at the LGF Building.  More details on this, alongside another iftari which has been earmarked for the 26/27th August will be revealed soon.


– A date and venue is currently being finalised and all will be informed ASAP.

Should anybody wish to organise an iftar in their town or city, please get in touch with an Imaan Trustee, such as tawseef@imaan.org.uk or mohammad@imaan.org.uk

For more information on the Imaan iftaris, please contact info@imaan.org.uk, tawseef@imaan.org.uk, qurra@imaan.org.uk or mohammad@imaan.org.uk.

We look forward to sharing time, food and experiences with you all. Ramadan Kareem, once again.

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive Ramadan.